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- No ovulation: what to do?

No ovulation: what to do?The current environmental situation and technological progress adversely affect the health of the nation. Often couples have problems with the reproductive system and the birth of children. It seems to be health problems no, but ovulation does not occur, to conceive a child does not work. What to do? Definitely, in this case, self-medication can not be engaged, you need to contact a specialist who will give you an answer to the question where can i purchase clomid .

How to recognize that ovulation is broken
First and foremost is the violation of the menstrual cycle. Periods become irregular, absent altogether, or are "through time", a discharge can be scant. But perhaps the violation of ovulation and the normal menstrual cycle, however, there are associated symptoms such as weight gain, hair growth on the face, the skin condition worsens.

Can be such problems with ovulation:

• Anovulation – lack of ovulation.
* Oligoovulation-rare ovulation, which is practically impossible to"catch".
* Short duration of luteal phase.

The reason for ovulation problems be hormonal disruptions, which provoked a variety of factors: unhealthy lifestyle, constant stress, hormonal diseases and diseases of the genitourinary system. Therefore, you should know where to get clomid online .
To solve the problem of possible ovulation, but the treatment is long and requires patience. Ovulation can be corrected by taking hormonal drugs that help the follicle Mature and release a healthy egg.

If problems with ovulation are obvious, and to solve it with the help of hormonal methods does not work, there are methods that help the body to attach the egg. The method of the so-called artificial inseminacji can solve the problems with ovulation and getting pregnant.

The essence of the method is that in the uterine cavity during the maturation of the egg, sperm is planted, fertilization occurs and after a few days the fertilized egg is fixed in the uterus. If alas, the procedure of artificial insemination was not successful, there is in vitro fertilization or IVF.

After the procedure of super stimulation of ovulation, eggs are extracted from the female ovaries in the hospital. In the laboratory, there is an artificial combination of female and male cells – artificial insemination, after which the doctors transfer the cells into the uterine cavity. If fertilization is successful in women pregnancy.
Remember that the kind of success you achieve will not be able to eliminate violation of ovulation will certainly help in the centers of reproductive medicine.
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